Supply Haoyu421001010,9151343780

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Supply Haoyu421001010,9151343780
Supply Haoyu421001010,9151343780 Supply Haoyu421001010,9151343780
Brand: HY Model: HY4015
Working process: Standard(mm) Place Of Origin: Wenzhou, China
Overall length: 32.9(mm) Surface diameter: 38(mm)
Surface Depth: Standard Surface hardness: Standard
Spring outside diameter Standard(mm) Spring free length: Standard
Cylinder inside diameter: Standard(mm) Piston rod diameter: Standard
Extension length Ⅳ: Standard Support force: Standard(N)

Suitable series and OE.NO.

Vailable Brand REF.NO.
FIAT 421001010
LANCIA 0942.17
PEUGEOT 9151343780
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