Supply Haoyu 85002000,420 0031 10

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Supply Haoyu 85002000,420 0031 10
Supply Haoyu 85002000,420 0031 10 Supply Haoyu 85002000,420 0031 10 Supply Haoyu 85002000,420 0031 10
Brand: HY Model: HY1022
Working process: Standard(mm) Place Of Origin: Wenzhou, China
Overall length: 32(mm) Surface diameter: 26(mm)
Surface Depth: Standard Surface hardness: Standard
Spring outside diameter Standard(mm) Spring free length: Standard
Cylinder inside diameter: Standard(mm) Piston rod diameter: Standard
Extension length Ⅳ: Standard Support force: Standard(N)
Vailable Brand REF.NO.
OPEL 85002000
  420 0031 10
  06 40 005
  0640 058
  640 005
  4018 0003

The company is devoted to producing and processing mechanical tappet, solenoid valve injection nozzle, tubing, sprocket gear, engine repair kits and other related components of engine. The products are mainly for export. Images, prices and product attributes on the website are for reference only, not for trading. Details are subject to products. Warmly welcome inquiries by phone, email or SKYPE.

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Our company is in Wenzhou, China. It is a coastal city of convenienttransportation. Logistics includes automotive, train and sea transportation. Products can be easily delivered to your cities or countries.

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