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Chain EBPO-2 514.10060-40 EBPO-2 406.1006040-20
Chain EBPO-2 514.10060-40 EBPO-2 406.1006040-20 Chain EBPO-2 514.10060-40 EBPO-2 406.1006040-20

The company is dedicated to the production of hydraulic engine lifters, mechanical lifters, tensioners, solenoid valve injectors, oil pipes, and other automotive engine related parts. The current products are mainly used for export. The pictures, prices, and product attributes on the webpage are for reference only, and no transaction price is used. The actual product shall prevail, please contact us for inquiries.

  1. Due to the relatively large fluctuation of raw materials and the vicious price competition of peers on the Internet, the price of each of our products cannot be displayed very accurately in front of customers, so we are only marking a symbolic price. Our products are very interesting, please leave us a message or contact us on Want Want, we will give you a quotation as soon as possible.
  2. Since all products of the company have different colors and sizes for customers to choose, we will try our best to deliver according to the customer's requirements, and if out of stock or out of stock, we will not be able to follow the customer's wishes To ship, so please contact us to determine the price, quantity and style of related products before placing an order.
  3. As a seller, we will treat each of our transactions with care and try our best to satisfy every buyer.

Network transactions, integrity is king. Our product requirements and controls are extremely strict. All products will undergo three quality inspections by procurement, QC, and warehouse management personnel before shipment to ensure that the products shipped to you are qualified products. Confirm as soon as possible after receiving the product.

Ruian, located in Wenzhou, is a developing coastal city with convenient transportation and a variety of logistics methods such as highly developed automobile and train transportation. You can quickly and easily send your goods to your city, of course, the freight is also very reasonable, the transportation time and the arrival point on the road, the pick-up phone, will tell you there at the first time to know, relieve your anxiety and wait concern. If customers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai send a small amount of goods, they can also choose express delivery. Shunfeng, Shentong, Yunda, Yuantong, Tiantian, Zhongtong, etc., have good cooperation with our factory.

  • Contact: Zheng Hongguang
  • Business Address (ADD): No. 40, Xiaohe Road, Guandu Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang, China
  • Postcode: 325204
  • Company telephone (TELLPHONE): 86 0577 65383392
  • Biography (FAX): 86 0577 65383393
  • Moble phone: 13566185533
  • E-mail: 13566185533@163.com